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GLA Guide to Private Language Lessons Online

How to Get the Most out of Your Private Language Lessons

Choose the right instructor

If you decide to take private language lessons online, selecting the right language instructor is the x-factor that will decide your success or failure. You should be highly selective about who you learn with.

Getting ripped off by your first instructor can seem to create an unsalable wound, which might put the kibosh on your motivation to learn your target language.

Passion for teaching, love for languages, charisma and experience are the most crucial characteristics of a phenomenal language teacher. Your teacher can even offer you extra free hours, especially if you share the same interests and passions.

Know what you want

Many online agencies and language schools offer customized or one-size-fits-all learning plans for their students. To make learning more enjoyable, ask your instructor to only teach you the material that engages you.

For example, if your learning plan includes a lesson on regional accents, and you’re not interested, you can simply ask to skip it.

Record your conversations

Recording your conversations with your language tutor will save you time, money and energy. It’s pointless to rack your brain to remember the idiom your tutor used at the 29th minute while you could’ve just recorded the talk and replayed it.

Also, you can use the replay as a revision. Most tutors spend 15 to 30 minutes recapping a previous lesson, which can only take a few minutes (if not seconds) if you’ve watched your last class.

You can use recording program to record your lessons and save them to your laptop.

Make sure you ask your teacher for permission to record your conversations for personal use.

Ask for error correction

Normally, experienced teachers subconsciously correct errors. If your teacher is letting you babble with no regard for your mistakes, feel free to ask them to correct you. Error correction is the stepping stone to language fluency.


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